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Philadelphia Car Key Locksmith beats  procrastination

Hello lost car keys Philadelphia people my name is Jennifer, and I can’t believe that I’m writing in to tell everybody how dumb I feel. I could have avoided all of this if I had just listened to the car keys locksmith two months ago. Well here we go; about three months ago I bought a nice car off the internet a Lincoln Continental to be exact.  It was a very nice car from a limousine company, low mileage and in good condition. The only problem I had was that the key was a little beat up. I told my father about this problem because he has a lot of friends who work on cars. He ended up calling in the lost car keys locksmiths who came out right away and tried to make me a key. That’s when I found out that there was a problem with my electrical system that wouldn’t allow them to program my new key. Not wanting to take any chances on my key breaking before they had a chance to make me a new key, my father hired a mechanic to fix the electrical problem. He told me to call the car keys guys back, but since everything was working fine I didn’t.

Well now it’s almost two months to the day and guess what happened? The darned key broke in half and the half with the chip in it was lying on the floor. Sadly I go into the house to make two phone calls I really didn’t want to make, the first to my dad and the second to the lost car keys guys. First I call the locksmith and he remembers me and my situation and says he be right out. Then I call my dad to help pay the bill and he says he’ll be right out. They both arrive at the same time and they both say the same thing almost simultaneously, “I told you this would happen” The lost car keys locksmith makes short work of the key this time and was very understanding about my putting off the work and making his job just a little harder. My dad how ever wasn’t as gracious as the locksmith and to teach me a lesson about procrastination he asked me to write this letter for, which I would gladly do anyway to thank the lost car keys Philadelphia locksmith. Thanks a lot buddy and keep up the good work, JenniferJJ. (215) 407-5942 does it again ! (215) 407-5942 has done it again ! Amazing!
This thing is really amazing I mean these lost keys Philadelphia locksmith guys! These car key guys are good, no joke.
I'm one of those auction goers who buy and sell cars as a sideline. We see the same guys all the time, the ones that buy and sell I mean. We share information all the time on mechanics, sales techniques, tow truck companies and everything. Buying low, getting the work done cheaply and selling at a profit. Thats our objective. Cheaper isnt always better, especially when it comes to getting car keys made. I lucked up and scored a nice Toyota Avalon and I thought I would save some money by using a cheaper locksmith to have car keys made and thats when I found out you get what you pay for. This is what happened. First off, the guy that came wasnt aware that my car was equipped with a high security car key, but tried to make what he called a "mechanical key" that wouldnt start the car until I had it programmed. Well o.k. I thought, but when can you program it? Then he told me he couldnt program the car key. I had to take it to the Philadelphia Toyota car dealer to get the car key made and the chip programmed. Well I shot down that idea and told him never mind and that I didnt have enough money for the price he quoted me for everything anyway.
The next call I made was to one of my buddies and asked, "Who are you using to get your Philadelphia car keys made now?" His response was, "Get on the computer and google, lost car keys Philadelphia." I did and it was way cool! All the information and stuff that they had on the site... the videos, the stories and letters! I call the guy give him the year make and model of my car and he knows right away that its a Chip key! Then he gives me a great price and promises to program the key right on the spot! We set an appointment time and he shows up ten minutes early. An hour later I was in the car, keys made, programmed and everything. Like I said earlier, cheaper isnt always better. But one thing for sure, in Philadelphia, lost car keys locksmith is a keeper! Remember that. (215) 407-5942. Lewis from South West Philly.
Philadelphia Restaurant, hotel and club managers agree,  CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia  (215) 407-5942   is the first choice for lost car keys made in Philadelphia !
Man I am steaming! Check this out. . . Oh, first let me introduce myself. My name is Robert and I’m from south west Philly. Yo what’s up to the Lost car keys Philadelphia crowd. It’s about two fifteen in the morning and I just got shafted by this club I was in tonight. Here’s the deal.  O K, Lets see if you guys can relate to this one.   My boy just turned twenty five and was having a birthday party at club down center city. I mean it’s a nice spot and everything and up until now I never had any problems there.  On the weekends you can always count on a five to one female ratio!  That’s like five chicks to every dude!  Not like ordinary girls like you see going to work everyday I mean like super model fine. That’s why my man decided to have his party there.  We knew we were in for a good night,  with the V.I.P. table hook up,  three bottles of Champagne at all times.  We were balling big time!  Things started to heat up so I checked my coat to make room for some of the ladies. Everything cool up until time to leave the club. This idiot gives my coat with the keys to my car to somebody else !!!   I come up to the counter and he say’s "That number six ticket has been redeemed ." I tell him how can it be redeemed if I still got the ticket in my hand?  The manager comes over and tells the coat check dude "This redeemed ticket is a nine." I had a fit, how could you mistake the nine for a six it even had a line under the nine?
The manager was cool however and took care of everything right down to paying for a new set of lost car keys.  He took me into his office and asked me what type of car I had. Man do you know how much a set of car keys cost for a new Infinity ?   Well any way the CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia guy shows up and starts working on my car key right away. While waiting I read some of the letters you guys wrote and hey, my situation didn’t seem all that bad after all. One thing for sure, you are right about these guys they are light hearted, comfortable even and very professional.  After about an hour they had my car keys done and offered to come to the house and make me a set of house keys. You know what?   All in all, not a really bad experience.   I started out steaming, but the lost keys Philadelphia locksmith and the site made it a lot better. Oh and by the way thanks a lot Doug (the club manager) see you next week brother. Robbie from SWP.   Watch Robert's story on youtube video here:
CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia (215) 407-5942 is the loscksmith of choice at Philadelphia International Airport for lost car keys !
My gripe is with airport security. That’s right the gosh darn TSA. But this is a story about lost keys and learning to take your time. Hey everybody in the lost car keys Philadelphia groups. This is Gary looking for a sympathetic ear. This all happened to me in September but I’m just getting a chance to get this off my chest. I have a cousin living in Florida that I haven’t seen since I was a kid, and I had planned to go see him for my vacation and catch up on old times. Worked overtime for a couple months to save up air fare and spending money for while I was there. Had all my arrangements together and was on my way. Read up on the security procedures and felt that I was prepared. Got through the check point easy; you don’t wear a belt. No shoes. Throw your stuff in the basket and pick it up on the other side. Like I said, easy. No problems. . .yet. Get to Florida have a great time, beautiful weather and everything. Didn’t want to leave. But alas, work called. Leave Florida with no problems again. Starting to sound like a happy ending , right? And then the bottom fell out.
Get to long term parking and go to open the door to my car and these aren’t my keys!!! That’s right, you heard it, THESE AREN’T MY KEYS!!! I began to freak out, Literally screaming and cursing and not a soul around. After about fifteen minutes of this, parking lot security shows up. I guess I was on a camera or someone reported a deranged maniac cursing at a parked car. "Are you all right sir, can I help you?" he asked. "Not unless you have my keys in your pocket" was my bitter response. "Well I don’t have your keys, but I can help." We jump into the little golf cart thing and he whisks me off to the office. "This kind of thing happens all the time around here." He says. "When people pick up their keys from the x-ray belt they don’t check the keys, so we got a good guy." And he wasn’t kidding either, he called these guys from at (215) 407-5942 .
and they got right to work. I mean this guy was so good, he was bad ! He had my car keys made in record time. Well I don’t know what record time is, but it was quick and the cost, painless. So I guess what I am here to say is the car keys dude at
rocks  !  The TSA, however, Sucks!  Hey everybody this is Gary and I am out of here.  (215) 407-5942 is for couples who think alike with car keys in Philadelphia!
Lost Car keys Philadelphia may seem like a strange name for a web site, but let me tell you the pickings are slim when it comes to high security keys.  Hello. My name is Darren and this is my story. I bought an Infinity from a friend of mine a few weeks ago.   It’s a very nice car and the only problem was he only had one set of car keys made. Now for me this was impractical and I had to correct this problem immediately!  But, like most people, I figured I’ll get it done later. No rush, right?  Procrastination should be one of the seven deadly sins, because it cost me dearly to learn this lesson!   My wife also uses my car on the days when I’m not working and last weekend was her shopping weekend.  She was tired of asking me for my set of car keys and decided to take matters into her own hands and had made arrangements to get car keys made by a locksmith, but NOT by  (215) 407-5942 .  Since I was off that weekend I also had planned to have keys made. The locksmith I was using had been referred to me by my friend the previous owner. So far this has all the makings of a double booking situation and would require some tact and quick thinking to get out of.
Well my wife’s guy showed up first, then I told him that I had accidentally also booked someone who was referred by my friend. At that point we had to make a decision and decided to cancel her guy. And then he quoted a forty dollar service charge just for coming out, of course then we had to let him work on the car key. After about an hour and a half he informed us that he had ran out of the right car key  blank that he needed for our car key and would have to return another day and charged us the forty dollars service charge and left.  Just then the car keylocksmith Philadelphia guy  showed up, and the difference was like day and night. In almost the exact same amount of time, the car keys guy had the car keys made already!  I’m not really saying that there was anything wrong with the other guy, but when it comes down to the end result, there’s no substitution for experience!  Having the right equipment and enough of it and knowing that when you book a job, that’s experience.  Kudos to the lost car keys Philadelphia locksmith for a job well done!  Darren, South Philly.  (215) 407-5942 comes through in the hood all around Philadelphia!
Lost Philadelphia  car keys rookie, that’s what I am Hey everybody!  My name is Raheem and I never lost a Philadelphia  car key in my life. That is, up until now.  Like I said never lost a car key in Philadelphia.  I’m a very security minded person with keys, wallets, pin numbers and everything else.  So you can imagine how upset I was when this happened to me.  Here’s the deal.  I like to stay in shape.  I go to the gym two days some weeks, martial arts three days, and occasionally a pick up game of basket ball at one of the out door courts in my neighborhood. Well this one day coming home from work I saw a few guys I know running some ball at a local court. I pull over and call winners so I could have the next game.  Then, a fight breaks out and somebody yells "GUN" and everybody starts running!  Nothing happens and we never saw any gun, but when I go back to look for my jacket it’s gone along with my new Philadelphia car keys in the pocket!
Since I never had lost car keys before, I was unfamiliar with locksmiths and how they worked. So I left my keyless car there walked home and began a search on the internet to get my lost car keys made in Philadelphia.  After searching a few sites I came across lost car keys Philadelphia.  I  had a very good conversation with the dude and made an appointment for the next day. He showed up on time and had a really relaxing attitude, kind of calming even. After about forty-five minutes give or take a few, he was done Made me two keys and didn’t even charge that much. I found out that Philadelphia lost car keys were his specialty, but that he did safes and house keys too. Hey to the lost car keys Philadelphia group, you got a really nice guy with you and good luck buddy.  See you around.  Raheem from SW. Philly.  (215) 407-5942 has solutions for condo lost keys headache!
Good afternoon.  My name is Howard and I live in Chestnut Hill. I am a first time visitor to the lost keys Philadelphia site.  Very entertaining and informative.  Now here’s my story.   I am a landlord and whoever it was who told me this would be easy, forgot to tell me about the cost of managing rental properties. You see my properties are not your regular run of the mill single family homes or duplexes. I manage five time share beach front condos, which at first, may seem glamorous and laid back.  But then comes spring break and there in lies the rub. Atlantic City is not the spring break capital of the world but we get our share.  And what we get is plenty.  Most of my renters are responsible people; couples, families and such.  But I make the most of my money and complete occupancy during spring break. Of course there are always the unruly and trashy renters but that’s to be expected.   It’s the unreturned keys that were my problem.  At the end of spring break, five sets of high security keys unreturned can be very expensive !!!
While in Philly visiting my brother I mentioned this problem to him and he suggested the Philadelphia locksmith that he used for his cars. "Yeah, but these are high security locks," was my response.  And he said, "Well ha! ha! Let me show you." Walked me over to the computer and pulled up the lost keys Philadelphia site. O.K. I’m sold I told him, will they come to Jersey? Lets call and find out. Yes, they did come out to Jersey and did a fantastic job on some really difficult locking systems! They even offered some ideas on how to cut down my losses on making keys so often. So long story short. For very efficient and professional work at a reasonable price, you get your money's worth with these CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia guys. And about the website. . . funny. Howard, Chestnut Hill.  (215) 407-5942  gets keys made for  the Grand Phoobah !
  Hey good people!  You remember me.  My name is Mack and I had the Philadelphia car key  guys from  (215) 407-5942 to come in the complex where I work to do a master key job where there were quite a few Philadelphia lost keys to be made. Gave you an update a few weeks ago before the job was done and even then I had no idea how complicated this job was going to be!   But these guys handled it real professionally and were very friendly with all the tenants that they came in contact with. And let me tell you we have all kinds of different personalities living here.  The guys were very patient listening to all the stories, relieving their fears and answering all their questions. Having Philadelphia keys made on this large scale looked like it would be quite an undertaking, even confusing. But they didn’t seem to have any problems. Well any way I knew that they were good but let me tell you just HOW GOOD they really are!
First of all, we have six floors,  each floor with a hundred units.  A  Grand master key that can open any unit in the building. Now what he suggested was a multi level master key system, with floor master keys that open all the doors on one floor only, and a grand master to open everything.  Meanwhile, the tenants valet key only opens their apartment.   Damn! I can’t even begin to tell you how neat that really is ! In all my life I never could imagine how complicated such a system had to be to create. Tenants can't have  duplicate keys  made from any of the keys unless it comes from management!   A tenant can’t even get a copy of keys made from a locksmith even if he wanted to.  Darn, them boys are good!  And you know what the best thing of all is?  I found them on google and hired them and they came through for me made me look like a genius for hiring them!   You know what they call me around here now. . . The Grand Poobah!   Lost car keys Philadelphia locksmiths, God bless you.  If you need lost car keys made, you can google them now  or call 'em now at  (215) 407-5942.    Mack, the  Grand Poobah.
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or just call them at (215) 407-5942

 Car keys and 5 things you don't want to happen to your CAR KEYS

 When it comes to CAR KEYS, the main 5 things you don't want to happen to your CAR KEYS are listed here. They are pretty practical and down to earth, nothing complicated. Keep these in mind as you go out for shopping, to work or school. If you ever happen to lose any keys or perhaps your CAR KEYS, it is sensible to get a change of all locks, with DIFFERENT keys.  Sometimes a change is just due. You can't take the chance that some character may be running around with your CAR KEYS.

  Have you ever been on a class trip with your youngsters and lost your CAR KEYS at the museum or at the zoo? Tough kitty unless you've got spare automotive keys hidden on you. Learn from the mistakes of others. Have an extra set !

 Auto Mechanics rarely return the incorrect CAR KEYS back to their customers. You should still check to be clear and certain. It may be rare, however, when it does happen, it turns into a long and protracted day! Put a red dot on your main CAR KEYS with fingernail polish or enamel. 

 Many lost CAR KEYS have later been found but never in the snow. If you dropped a single or a set in the snow, forget about it! Just call the locksmith immediately.  Simply making the call will save lots of time and stress.

  If you lost your car keys at home check all of the pants you wore that week. You never know. They've been known to turn up in the laundry!

  You'll be able to hang your car keys in the kitchen everyday to keep from losing or forgetting them.

 If you've just had a night of fun and some drinks you really should offer your CAR KEYS to a sober pre designated friend to make sure you don't lose them or try to drive and get into an accident.Take care. Those CAR KEYS dont just grow on trees and you've only got one YOU.

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