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Here are some quotes from previous customers  and a video about  a lost key, left on the job.  You can watch the Youtube video here:


Hello Car  keys Philadelphia, Lost keys
Philadelphia.  Well, let me give you my professional opinion on what’s going on with these guys.   My name is Danny D and I’m a student working part time with a locksmith company in Philly.    Dude . . . this like ain’t what I’m going to do for a living, but any way, here’s my story.  I live off campus with a couple of room mates who love to party, so designated drivers and such are like mandatory.   But sometimes the person who has the car keys and the driver aren’t the same person.  One night I was free to drink;  my boy was the designated driver.  So, I get smashed!  Totally! So, when they ask me for the car keys I have no Idea what they are talking about!    So, my man, who will remain nameless, remembers that I work for a locksmith, but he doesn’t know which one.  These dummies log online  and book this guy from Lost keys Philadelphia.  I go out meet the dude give him my info and paperwork and proceed to complete my mission . . . the party!  I check the guy  a couple minutes later and he’s got all this slick computerized equipment, I mean stuff like I have never seen. The guy is smooth and quick.   Before my crew has a chance to cop some digits (get some girls phone number) he’s done!  I mean completely!  Key, chip and all!  My boy pays him and I should be embarrassed having to call a locksmith to make a locksmith a lost car key, but this was a learning experience. Dude was so good we invited him in for a beer.  He declined of course, I guess cause he was driving and all, but hey you get props my man. Car key Philadelphia, Lost keys Philadelphia dudes are solid.  Danny D.
Lost keys Philadelphia stories, car key car keys Philadelphia group, My name is Billy and boy, have I got a live one!   It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re tailgate partying big time down across from The Link  (that’s Lincoln Field for all you non Philadelphia residents.)   All kinds of food and beer all over the place and enough rabid Eagles fans to over throw a government, including me.  About one hour to go until kick off time, and a fellow tailgate chef is about to close down his operation and notices he can’t find his car keys, a lost key in an immense lot like this is impossible to find and T minus 58 minutes and counting till kick off time,  no way!   My brother jumps on the lap top, geek that he is, and finds the car key locksmith Philadelphia site and the lost keys Philadelphia stories.  We call the guy up, he gets to the lot with 15 minutes to go till kick off.  Getting lost car keys made ain’t no small matter and the pressure to get them made in time to make kick off ?  Did I mention that this was the home opening game?  More pressure.  When I left my buddy, he Had the game on T.V. with his feet up preparing for the long haul.  "See you after the game,"  he yelled.  My response was . . . E.A.G.L.E.S. Eagles!  Our official battle cry.  After the game was over, I found out that he had only missed the first quarter of the game. He also told me how good the lost keys Philadelphia locksmith was and told me that he had invited him to the next party. A Lost keys Philadelphia locksmith at an Eagles tailgate party...  think of all that business. Any way this is Billy out.  
P.S. The Eagles loss to the Giants bummer
Yo!   Lost keys Philadelphia group,  What’s happening This Kingpin in the house!
 For those who don’t know me, I’m the president of the MCSS car club based in South West Philly.   That’s the Monte’ Carlo Super Sports shouting out our props to your lost keys Philadelphia locksmith boys.   My club is all high end, tricked out hot Monte’s with high performance engines  and luxury extras.  With about 25 active members, we got all kinds of mechanics and electronic wizards and we got a unique way of recruiting new members.  We Buy a couple of Monte’s trick em’ out and market them on the internet.  Whoever buys them we offer membership with all the benefits.  Last month we bought four and needed a locksmith to make the high security lost car keys.  We "interviewed" several guys and finally came across the Lost keys Philadelphia groups site.  Impressed by the letters, we hired one of your boys.  Those letters aren’t lying!  This man was really GOOD!  I mean three high security lost car  keys with chips,  and a regular key in two and a half hours . . . Record breaking Hey Lost keys Philadelphia group, thats high performance,   So once again, props to the Lost keys Philadelphia locksmith.  This is Kingpin,  Roll Out!
Lost keys Philadelphia and car keys Philadelphia, you guys need to get a T.V. show!  These people are funnier than a Jerry Seinfeld episode!   My name is Eric and I haven’t lost keys Philadelphia style, or any other style. I’m just a fan.  Been reading your testimonials for a couple weeks now and have found them to be humorous and kind of informative. I mean some of the situations the people find themselves in I can relate to. They happened to a few of my friends. In fact one of your members was a friend of mine who had lost car keys and found your site, called the guys and got her work done. While they were working on her problem I had a chance to read Lost keys Philadelphia group stories and have been checking the site every now and then for a little comic relief. Not that it’s funny the misfortune of having lost your keys, It’s just uplifting that they find a pleasant solution to what could be a depressing experience.  So I guess The Lost keys Philadelphia group really is kind of therapeutic and even relaxing.  Ahhhh, I feel better already. Lost key Philadelphia group, keep those sessions and letters coming. Your Number One Fan, Eric.
Dear Lost keys Philadelphia Group, my name is Al .I just had a set of lost keys made by your suggested locksmith and was asked did I have a related story to tell. Oddly enough, I did. A few months ago my brother had keys made by a guy from an internet search using car key  Philadelphia as the key words for my father who had lost his keys at a market while shopping. The guy was professional and courteous, So I told my father "that looks like a good business to be in." And he responded kinda like scoffing at me, "Why that’s preposterous!   Who would ever need a locksmith in this day and age?" So imagine my surprise when he called me over to the house to ask me to find who had done the lost car keys so that he could replace the house keys he lost that same day. I come over and pull up the Lost keys Philadelphia site and let him read some of the group’s letters from all kinds of people different walks of life and he’s impressed and ask me to book the lost keys Philadelphia guys. So I said "Dad lost keys Philadelphia for a house key? Why, that’s preposterous!"  Thanks a lot guys Al.
Lost keys Philadelphia this is Trisha, help!  I’m surrounded by the three stooges.  First there’s Moe the plumber he has water all over my kitchen floor talking about some kind of boot to stop the leak.   Then there’s Larry the cable man with wires and all sorts of boxes in the middle of the floor switching from cable to dish t.v.   Then we have Curly the mover, my cousin and the root of my Lost key’s Philadelphia problem You see, he’s moving to Texas and packed my car key’s with his stuff.  And then in the midst of all this madness I forgot the one person who made sense out of all this chaos, the guy from the lost keys Philadelphia,  car key car keys Philadelphia site.  "You know you gotta break some eggs to make an omelette"  he say’s.  That right, I agree And  "That will be sixty-five dollars" he adds.  That thing about the omelette; good advice at any price.  Thanks a lot baby, Lost keys’ Philadelphia group this is Trisha thanks and Oh yeah Nuuk, Nuuk,  Slap!
Lost keys Philadelphia group this is all new to me.  I’m Mack, and me and my son Laurie are the maintenance crew at a high rise apartment complex off of Lincoln Drive in Philly.  We been using the Lost key’s Philadelphia locksmiths for years, even before the website.  With six hundred units and hundreds of tenants you can’t imagine the nightmare of keys lost,  keys made,  keys broken, as well as lost car keys.  Its unbelievable.  Now me and my son could handle most of the problems that occur but lately we been having several unforced break ins and burglaries.  As a result of all this activity we asked the people at Lost keys Philadelphia to help us with a solution to this problem.  A couple of guys from lost keys Philadelphia and car key Philadelphia, come and have an unofficial meeting with us and I think we have a solution . . . Mack.
 to be continued



 Man, with a guy like that maybe I really can do this used car thing for a living. "Scotty’s Used Cars," yeah I like the sound of that.   So I say, Yes you can get car keys Philadelphia style.

That’s my locksmith Philadelphia story.       Thanks a lot dude.            Scott G from Philly :-)
Now that wasn’t the best money that I had spent so far this summer, but at least he was well mannered and professional.
 Thank you for sharing you locksmith Philadelphia story,     Juanita H.               You’ve truly had keys made Philadelphia style.
Searching for someone to open the safe, I ran across this guy. He seemed to be really nice and was very knowledgeable. After answering a few security related questions, he went to work. He was done in less than an hour ! I mean with all that noise going on he wasn’t even distracted! Like a safecracker in the jungle, you might say. It took him less time to open that safe than it took me to cook his steak dinner tip. (Yeah, I made him a steak dinner as a tip. )
Now I know that if I ever really have a lost keys Philadelphia story, or need keys made, I know who to call. Who knew I’d ever need a Philadelphia locksmith ?
Thank you,  my , friend,    Rich G.
A few days later she comes over and first everything was so nice. Then, later, we argue and she walks out again. After a few minutes I’m looking for my keys and guess what ? Where are those car keys ? So I find the guy’s number on the key chain that he gave me. I call him and just say, " hi, it’s Steve. She got me again," and he remembered me! Well at least it’s good to know I can just pick up the phone and say hey man she got me again and just relax. So yes, I had a real a locksmith Philadelphia story that read like a sitcom, but it’s all good.     
Steve K From Philly
 Now that’s got to be one of the funniest car key Philadelphia story ever, and it’s a true life story !
Lost keys, broken keys even no key at all, that’s one thing but what about a broken column? He came right out and not only did he fix the column but he did such a good job that no one at the job even noticed the difference!
So Yes, you can get keys made Philadelphia style, and a whole lot more ! And that’s my car key Philadelphia story !
 Thanks a lot Mr. CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia !
IOU. big time Darrell C.
She had already been through most of the locksmiths in her area so she figures she had to find someone better. That’s when she found these guys. So, they offered her a selection of high security locks that have restricted blanks that you have to...well its real James Bond type stuff. But now my client sleeps well at night and I have a new partner. His codename is ...
Sharon G.   Philadelphia
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