Keys Locked in Car Philadelphia Pa

I had 56 poinsettias in the back of a delivery truck with the engine running and Locked keys in  car in Philadelphia in the cab on the corner of 17th and Market.  Is that the typical Lost Car Keys Philadelphia call?  Well, it must be, because that’s what I said when I called yesterday afternoon.  The reason I said it must be typical is because out of the four locksmiths that I called with this catastrophe, the lost Car Keys guys were the only ones who answered the call directly.  Now, this may not seem like such a big deal, having the flowers in the back of the truck and all, but here’s the whole story.  My name is Stanley, and I deliver flowers for a large florist in Center City.  This week, most of the office buildings in Center City are decorating for Christmas, so most of the deliveries are coming very quickly.  Traffic and parking are always your enemy in downtown traffic.  And then there’s that monster known as The Parking Authority always looming in the background.  Most of the week, I tried to have a partner with me to drive around the block just in case parking wasn’t an option.  This day, however, I was making my deliveries alone.  Moving at a pretty good clip, I had successfully completed most of my deliveries for the day.  I jumped out of the truck on the corner to grab me a quick hot sausage at one of the vendors, and then it happened.  The door shut.  As soon as it shut, I knew that was it.  My car keys were locked inside with the engine running!  I immediately called my wife, who is also my partner, to see if she could get me out of this predicament.

My wife, ever resourceful as she is, found four numbers for car key shops on the Internet, and texted them to me.  Like I said earlier, the Lost Car Keys guys  were the only ones that could help me at that time.  As I fended off an ambitious meter maid who was either trying to meet her quota or gain brownie points with her supervisor (who was right beside her), I stalled for time.  “Now, I’m going to go around the block one more time, and if you’re here when I get back, you’re going down, mister!” she threatened.  Now, if you could sweat bullets, I would be a machine gun.  About twenty minutes later, a truck pulled up behind me, and I thought, “Oh, no, this is it.”  A guy gets out and walks up to my window.  “Did you call a locksmith?” he asked.  “Man, am I glad to see you!” I told him.  Before you could blink an eye, he had done his open-up, and we were talking like old friends.  Before he pulled off, I promised him I would write in to the Lost Car Keys Philadelphia site to thank him publicly.  And when I pulled off, I could see the meter maid in my rear view mirror, giving me that “We’ll meet again” look.  Well maybe, but it won’t be today, sister!  This is Stanley.  Thanks a lot to the Car Key Shop dude!

The Car Key Shop , Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA (215) 407-5942

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