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 Here's how to Keep your cool if you've lost your car key and need a replacement in Philadelphia, PA.  Call (215) 407-5942.


The Car Key Shop says If you have lost your car keys you may have been targeted by criminals.


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 Two burglars were surprised to find that the car keys had been left on the coffee table.  They went outside to find the car but couldn't quite go anywhere yet because the steering column was still locked with a chain and padlock.  

They decided that since they had the car keys anyway, they would run the motor for heat and play the radio.  That is where  they were when police arrived to answer the call for burglary and missing car keys. 

At the Car Key Shop we insist our customers use procedures to secure their car keys, mobile phones and wallet contents as this is part of home and personal security as well as the first step in preventing identity fraud. Call (215) 407-5942  and learn more about Car Keys and your security. 

My Car Keys were stolen ! See if you ever needed to call 215-407-5942 for lost car keys made Philadelphia. I’m basically a commuter I drive down to a Septa train station and park my car, and then I catch the R5 to work. Been doing this for the last four years I love it, I enjoy the ride. It gives me time to start my day off relaxed without having to deal with traffic. I drink my coffee read my paper and get to work on time, the train practically lets me off in front of the building. Great! Life couldn’t get any better right? I guess right about now you’re thinking then why is he here on the car key shop website? Well, here we go. One day I arrived back to Philly at about 6:45pm just like any other day and then I forget where I parked my car. Wait a minute it couldn’t be that difficult I parked on the station lot and there’s only fifteen spots on the whole lot. Well, I remember parking right between this red truck and a blue Chrysler 300, well I see the truck and I see the Chrysler and right there where my car should be was a pile of glass pellets. I stood there in a trance silent and dumbfounded for about ten of the longest minutes of my life. But it get’s better, when I get home I realize that not only is my car stolen but I don’t have my car keys or house keys. I Left them on the train ! Four days later detectives show up at my door after having caught the guy who stole my car. They had recovered my car but not any of my keys. Apparently the guy had seen me leave the car keys and went back to the station and took the car, easy pickings. Well, feeling a little better I searched the internet and came across the lost car keys Philadelphia group at http://www.carkeylocksmithphiladelphia.com/ and put myself at ease reading other stories of misfortune and satisfaction and knew right away that they were the guys for me. I called the Car Key Shop at (215) 407-5942 to see if it was really truth in this site. When the locksmith arrived to make my car keys and change my house locks, I didn’t even wait for him to ask what happened I just jumped right into my story. It was like I was auditioning for the website, in the mean time he had already started my car keys and I just a few minutes later the car keys were done. The letters that they write are true, these guys are as good as they say very fast and ruthlessly efficient. Lost car keys Philadelphia, my hats off to you. The commuter is now happy with new car keys, house keys and now feels safe that his locks were changed.

to have CAR KEYS made call us

In the Phila area, call:   (215) 407-5942

In Delaware, call: (302) 570-0190


In Southern New Jersey, Call:  (856) 975-0530

Email : Info.TheCarKeyShop@gmail.com


If you've ever lost your key, you may have that empty feeling... like a part of you is missing.   You are not alone.   We have some stories for you that may help ease the pain.    Hearing about how some one in a similar situation was able to cope can be medicinal.  Here are some of them.


Lost car key, house key, and cell phone all in one brilliant move !
Here's my lost car key Philadelphia story !
    Lost car key Philadelphia, lost cell phone in Virginia, and lost my mind completely, so I guess I must be in the right place, right ?
Hello everybody my name is Monty and I work for a group of contractors who do building renovations. A few days ago we took a job in West Virginia to prepare a video store to open. The job lasted for three days, so on the last day we went to a local bar to have a drink to celebrate a job well done and I found a set of lost keys left by someone else coming in the door. Maybe I should have taken that as an omen but no, "No worries , Mate," I said. Then later after we had left West Virginia and were in Baltimore at a rest stop, I went to call home to tell my wife I was on the way home and, guess what, no cell phone !?! Again with the bad vibes; too far from West Virginia to go back. So, the phone was a complete lost . Made the trip home in record time. I was so glad to be back home, the other problems seemed to disappear. Unloaded my bags from the truck, said "see you later" to the rest of the guys, and then , "strike three," no house keys ! Man I just looked up and screamed silently while shaking my fist, "Why me!? ?" No cell phone to call for help, lost car key, lost house keys, can’t get in my house, it’s two thirty in the morning and no one expecting me to come home! Guess what I did ?...Banged on the door like the police with a search warrant! Needless to say tomorrow morning my first call will be to a locksmith, to replace my lost keys for the house, car keys, and then...   see video conclusion below.
      to be continued Monty O, from Philadelphia
       BAM !     A Philadelphia car key story by Ron Z.
Never thought I would be writing to " lost keys Philadelphia" but here I am. I live in Philadelphia and we have a great nightlife and club scene. I am a frequent club attendee and a happy hour freak. Well this particular day the lost keys really cost me.   It was the last day for this hot temp who had been working with me for about three months so I had planned this super cool evening of eating, drinking and partying.   Well after the first three "happy hours"  Melissa seemed to be impressed with my suave manner and knowledge of exotic drinks and we decided to go to the next club. We get outside to the car and    BAM!   No car keys! After a quick and frantic search of the club I decided it was time to call CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia. Now lost keys Philadelphia style can be a costly and expensive lesson to learn, so this time I google in Philadelphia locksmiths to narrow down the search and I get this guy who not only gives me a reasonable price but is sympathetic to my plight. He gets there even before Melissa and I finish our first drink.   He listens to my story and reassures me that every thing will be all right, then sends me back into the club. A few minutes (drinks) later he calls me out to the car I have good news and bad news for you... Oh wonderful I think, give me the good news first, so that’s what I say. Well here’s your replacement for the lost keys he said grinning and handing me a new set.  And now for the bad news, it’s not going to cost as much as I thought. Well buddy that kind of bad news I can handle. I give the guy a ten dollar tip and as we pull off and head to the next club. Melissa looks at me and says that guy was really good and you know what...I agree thanks a lot Philadelphia car key locksmith dude.
      Ron Z from Philadelphia.
Sheila E, valet manager.
My name is Sheila E and yes, I have a lost keys Philadelphia story. I am a valet parking manager at a very busy center city hotel. At any given time I have about eight very energetic guys working with me. Now most of the time things run pretty smoothly, but every once in a while things get to be hectic. Just last week we had a convention of advertising salesmen at the hotel. Lots of luxury cars and hot guys in sharp suits but that’s another story. They were running in and out of the hotel at a very fast pace when this happens we have what we call a staging area, a secured closed in area were the guys park the cars until they park them permanently. The cars are parked with the keys under the seat with the doors unlocked. This day we had a new guy who had apparently locked the doors on at least four of the cars that he had parked, and didn’t remember which ones. Now lost keys are bad, broken keys are worst but getting lost keys with a remote replaced for high end cars what a nightmare! I remembered the number for a Philadelphia locksmith that I had called before very fast, very efficient. He arrived with help and they went right to work. About thirty minutes later they had unlocked seven cars for me and had returned original car keys and remote. So when I tell you these guys are lifesavers that’s an understatement.  CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia.com really rock! Keep up the good work, guys. Love, Sheila E.     Well, that's  all for now. for more stories like these visit our blog site at http://carkeyphiladelphia.wordpress.com/
  or to have a set of car keys made in Philadelphia, call (215) 407-5942 .   In Southern New Jersey, call (856) 975-0530.   In Delaware, call (302) 570-0190.
 Philadelphia Joey's customer service and lost car keys
Hello my name is Joey and I’m a service manager at a new car dealership in Philadelphia Now the Lost car keys Philadelphia guys are old friends of mine who have been helping me out for years. Be it lost car keys for a new customer or getting keys made for an old customer these guys have served me well, and made me look good in the process. Sometimes we get customers who have bought a car and didn’t get a working key, sometimes we get customers who have lost keys and need a car key made What ever the situation these guys have handled it and my customer feed back has always been positive.  My crew in the service department have even began to use them for their own cars.   The Lost car keys Philadelphia site is fun to read and is geared to customer satisfaction letters, but after seeing it I felt compelled to give these guy an unsolicited endorsement They don’t even know that I’m writing this, I look forward to seeing his face when he comes in tomorrow... I just sent him on a 2011 Ford Escape lost key job.   Lost car keys Philadelphia group and to the lost car keys Philadelphia crew; keep up the good work.  Joey, Service Manager Philadelphia.
Atlantic city vacation with Philadelphia lost car key  surprise     ending  Angie loses Maria's keys and then... 
Car keys Philadelphia as a support group and a locksmith company? Girl I done heard it all.  Well, since this is supposed to be therapeutic and all, let me do this  right !   Hello my name is Angie, and I have lost keys Philadelphia style! Now this is what happened to me. Labor day weekend me and a couple of my girls planned to go to Atlantic city for the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stayed at a gorgeous time share overlooking the beach and everything. The four of us decide to take one car so we would all be together and cheaper on gas. We get to A.C. and had a ball, an all diva weekend My girl Cheryl even won some money!   So when we were coming we were feeling pretty good. We get back to Philly, hugs and kisses all around, and then one of the girls can't find her car keys!   We look in all the bags and no keys!  One girl calls information and another googles in "car keys Philadelphia" and gets a site with all this stuff: a locksmith and a support group to tell your story and everything. So we book him the guy comes out.  Its like 1:30 a.m. and in an hour he's like done and tells us if we like his work, to  get on-line and make a comment.  We all get his info, pay him, and leave. Well car keys Philadelphia group, here’s my problem: I get home, exhausted from the trip, and all the other excitement, and find the girls keys wrapped up in my beach towel!  Now lost keys Philadelphia group, do I tell her or not?   Help!!!     Angie from south philly.
           Angie and Maria's story on youtube video here:
      Rock the Philly hustler's lost car key problem
Yo ! What up Philly this your boy Rock the hustler, I’m here talking about this lost keys Philadelphia joint and their crew.   Yeah. . . they thorough , and I ‘m not your typical lost key Philadelphia type dude either When I say I’m a hustler I mean the legal kind of hustler, working two jobs and going to school for auto mechanics at Lincoln Tech.  So I’m always on the go, you know. . . Hustling.  Well anyhow, I finally saved up enough money for a new car.  Went to the auction and got me a nice   Infinity  for a few grand and coming from this auction, no keys for the car.    A couple of the tow truck drivers suggested car key Philadelphia or lost keys Philadelphia.   So I go on the site and it’s slick, you know ?   A lot of info and all.  I called the boy up He comes out and he’s good, I mean "Real Good."   Like I said, I’m in school for auto mechanics so I know a little about what it takes to make a key for a  Infinity, and he handled it,  chip key and all.  Even showed me some ways to protect my investment The car I mean.  So that’s why I’m hereto give the Lost keys Philadelphia and the car key car keys Philadelphia boy’s a  shout  out.  Yo! What’s up fellows,  keep it moving.  Till I buy my next vehicle, this is Rock, the hustler from North Philly peace out.
the smart blonde, the lost car keys, and the Philadelphia fishermen
Good morning Lost keys’ Philadelphia group.   My name is Marcie and I too am guilty of a lost key Philadelphia style type situation.  I hate to perpetuate the dumb blonde theory and believe me, this has never happened to me before, but here goes.  It’s Monday morning so I’m going through the first day of the work week rush;  stop to get coffee and donuts for the office and gas for myself.  Then it's off to work, doing my make up in the car.  No parking at the office lot, so I park down the street, a block away.  Grab all my stuff, bump the door to shut it, and hear a "chink, chink, plop" sound.   "Oh no what now . . . "  I look down and there’s a storm drain right under my door !    Since I had just locked my car door,  I had to take everything and walk  to the office and then come back!   It seemed like the last mile walk to the gas chamber or something, knowing that there wasn’t going to be a happy ending.  I come back with a couple of guys from the office who try to "fish" my keys out of the drain and that doesn’t work,  so we go back to the office.  Again with the last mile of failure.   A few minutes later one of the "fishermen" comes up with these Car key car keys Philadelphia and lost keys Philadelphia web sites.  We read some of the letters and I knew these were my kind of people!   Non judgmental.  I call the guy and he's there at my lunchtime which was a plus and relieves some of my anxiety by recanting some similar situations.  Now I can go back to lunch with my car keys and made an appointment for after work to get house keys made. If these lost keys Philadelphia locksmith guys aren’t the only guy’s who do this they certainly are some of the nicest !  Thanks a lot guys, this is Marcie and I too have "Lost keys Philadelphia style."   look below to see Marcie's story on video
 The smallest   superintendant with the biggest  lost key problem in Philadelphia
It’s me, Mack, checking in again with the lost keys Philadelphia and car key Philadelphia guys.  Remember I had that little problem with break in’s at the high rise and had consulted you on a solution?  Well the locksmith came up with a Master key system that we think will work. . . I mean that we Know will work.  The whole job is going to take some time with hundreds of units to convert and all, but I am sure that we will encounter some stories in the process. The locksmith from lost car keys Philadelphia was nice enough to come to a meeting with me to help sell the system to my boss and get the O.K. to go ahead with the project.  It’s a little complicated to explain but he made it seem pretty easy.  They assured me that the inconvenience to the tenants would be minimal and that it wouldn’t affect the daily routine of me and my staff (my son) and that’s a plus.  Now when I first met these guys they were good then,  even before they became the lost keys Philadelphia, Car key car keys Philadelphia group.   But it’s great to see how good they have become over the years It’s almost like watching another son grow up right before your eyes so that’s why it’s not so hard for me to give them so much props. But I want you to look out for me a couple of day’s after the project starts so I can update you on our process.  So once again lost keys Philadelphia group and to my new son the locksmith, See you guys in a couple days.    Mack.
                car keys lost and found on Philadelphia campus
Man. The lost key Philadelphia locksmith dude is righteous!   I got this number from my room mate right . . . Oh I’m Cliff,  a pre med. at U of P here in Philly and this is kinda a lost key Philadelphia style type thing  You know, here at Penn, we party a little on the weekends.  You know, work hard during the week play hard on the weekend?   Well this is happening on the weekend, you know, just in case my moms see’s this. Well my roommate and I were at a frat house... some friends of ours and a beer run came up I got an older car, you know,  just something to run around campus with.   It has a unique feature that allows me to remove the key while the car is running;  the key is worn.   At the deli, we left the car running Locked the doors and ran in to get the beer.  Picked up a few sixers and some chips and stuff and back to the party.  After a few hours with some smoking hot chicks, we offered a ride... and then we noticed no one had the keys!   "Oh my gosh, I left them on the counter!  is what my boy Buddha says .  My response . . . "What the f,  now what ? Buddha jumps on a bike and heads for the deli My man Big Mike jumps on the net and finds "Lost keys Philadelphia and car key car keys Philadelphia. We hit em’ up just as a back up plan in case Buddha fails.  Dude shows.  The locksmith I mean, and he starts right to work I told you I had an older car, no chip or remote or nothing like that so, he’s finished in minutes Freaking amazing and practically charged nothing !  Then he explains to me the problems that the worn key could have caused and then Buddha comes running up... "Dude I got em! "     "Hey B, relax.   And Yo! Lost key Philadelphia dude. . . Righteous."    Cliff.
 avid social site freak finds  www.CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia.com  for Sister Sherrie
Sherrie,On the set.  Lost key Philadelphia this, lost key Philadelphia that!   At first I thought this was just a sales gimmick.   Until today. Today at lunch I broke my key off in the door of my car on the way to Subway Restaurant for one of those five dollar sandwiches.  Talk about mad!  I was flaming!  This was shaping up to be a nice day... until this happened. So I go back upstairs and call home to see if my mom still has my spare key  She hasn't seen that key since I bought the car four years ago!  I told her to keep on looking while I go back to work.  A couple hours later she calls back and no luck on the key... but my brother, who is an avid social site freak, finds a site for me to look at. I punch in www.carkeylocksmithphiladelphia.com   like he says, and no wonder he's so hyped about the site I start reading some of the stories and, before you know it, fifteen minutes have gone by So I hurry up and call and make arrangements for the guy to meet me after work. He returns my call and five after five he's on the lot working on the car, pulling out the pieces of my broken key  While he’s doing that I talk to my mom on the phone.  In about twenty-five minutes he’s done with my new key!   Well move over lost keys Philadelphia group and let me pull up a chair.    You've got a new member and I know my brother is going to look for the proper sign off, so here it is. My name is Sherrie and I too have lost keys Philadelphia style!  That is how you say it, Right? Lost key Philadelphia?
         Shady guy learns lost car key lesson 
 Yo!   What’s up with your boys at Lost keys Philadelphia? Those boys are hype yo?   I go by "Shady" on the street.   Not that I’m that kinda guy, it’s just a nickname.   Anyway, like I was saying,  the lost keys Philadelphia guys are hype !    Now let me tell my story.   Bought a car at the auction a week ago and didn’t have enough money to get my keys made the same day... You  know,   sh___ happens.   Anyway, a lot of the guys down there recommend the lost keys Philadelphia guy.   They even get some kinda key chain when they use him, with a number on it.   But I go on the website anyway just to check them out... read some of the stories.   I think I know some of these people.    Anyway, I call and book the guy at a bout six o’clock.
We schedule to meet at eight They call me at five of and then my man calls me and yells on the phone, all excited like,  "Shade The cops are all around the car, and they got infra red lights and everything! "   So I was like "what the hell is this?"  And then the phone rings again and I was like  "Hello?"    And the guy on the other end says . . . "This is the locksmith I’m outside at the car."   I look out the window and they got on these headlights and they switch from red light to white so they can see in the dark.    Man that sh___ was bad! And my boy Tone, what a picklehead, talking about "Infrared."    Just uneducated.   Anyway, the boys were thorough and a lot of fun too I see why the guys at the auction like them so much.   Lost keys Philadelphia,  the group is all right to read,  but the lost keys Philadelphia locksmiths are HYPE!    Night vision and all.    Shady peace out.
Philadelphia car key locksmith gets New Jersey chapter
Hey lost keys Philadelphia group !   This is Hector!   I live in Camden, New Jersey and we get a bad rap most of the time that makes it kinda hard to get or even find a good locksmith out here.  That’s why I was surprised when I booked the lost key’s Philadelphia locksmith to come out.  I really found him at   www.carkeylocksmithphiladelphia.com  so I guess it's the same guy from all the good stuff I been reading about them.  The only negative response I heard was that they only worked Philadelphia and that came from one of the other locksmith guys here.  However, when he came out, he told me that they serve most of a New Jersey as well. The work went so well on my car that he had a chance to work on my neighbor’s car and his house.   They even do house keys, I told him.   Maybe I should start a lost keys Philadelphia chapter here in a New Jersey!?   He liked that idea and even gave me some key chains to give out to my friends.  Lost keys Philadelphia group,  remember me. I’m hector, president of the lost CAR KEYS Philadelphia group Jersey chapter.





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